Cape Investment Partners (CIP) is an entrepreneurial deal-by-deal investment platform with a consistent focus on transitional tailor-made value creation potential

It suited both the desires of the entrepreneurial management teams and the investors to participate in an interesting deal situation beyond the limits of traditional private equity funding. This resulted in the launch of the Cape Investment Partners platform as an entrepreneurial investment vehicle.

Today, CIP as a General Partner manages assets in value over EUR 100m in direct investments. Furthermore, CIP is involved as indirect investor (Limited Partner) in many different leading PE funds and fosters a strong and diversified investment network.

The partners at CIP build on a combined experience of over 50 years in highly successful private equity investments through several funds with a top tier direct investment track record in companies such as GustoMSC, HobrĂ© Instruments, Ten Cate, Main Energy, Nedschroef, Gamma Holding, STAR Group, Jan Snel, See Tickets, Qizini,, Inalfa, Viroclinics and many more.

After successfully setting up, managing and raising mutliple funds in total excess of Eur 1bn and a combined transaction value of over Eur 3bn, the deal by deal concept became more and more attractive as a flexible alternative to investing through a closed end fund. We believe this proposition offers better alignment of interest to the investor and entrepreneur next to a more tailormade approach regarding value creation processes.

We deploy our own capital and have built additional access to a large pool of funds and allocated capital proved by successful entrepreneurs and high net worth families and individuals.

With a group of like-minded entrepreneurial investors, we aim to further build this unique platform for direct investments and welcome any interest in our deal by deal partnership.