We strive for a balanced partnership with aligned incentives between entrepreneurial management teams and the dedicated CIP investment team

We focus on ambitious Benelux based companies with international presence and a high quality clients/asset base, having a differentiating and sustainable product-market and or technology combination with transitional growth potential.

These companies tend to be managed by strong and committed management teams who have a track record in their markets and see ample growth opportunities by rolling out their products/services and gaining scale for their business.

Strategies include entering into new (geographic) markets, introducing an innovatively focussed or expanded product portfolio, and potentially through further ‘buy and build’ growth initiatives.

We support our portfolio companies through a systematic, measurable and consistent approach towards value creation.


We invest alongside company management in buy-out situations with preference for controlling interest. Minority positions and expansion/growth capital considered with fully aligned co-investors and governance.

Typical transaction size between EUR 20-50m, equity investments between EUR 10-20m per deal in profitable and growing businesses.

Enabling business and capital transitions so as to contribute to accelerated value creating growth initiatives during the investment period is the desired role of Cape Investment Partners.

Typical capital transitions include:

  • from founder led to a more diversified and professional shareholder structure
  • from family owned company towards more entrepreneurial risk-diversified business with an additional capital base
  • from division within larger corporate group towards more focused and mandated standalone company with dedicated resources and growth strategy.

With a group of like-minded entrepreneurial investors, we aim to further build this unique platform for direct investments and welcome any interest in our deal by deal partnership.

ESG Guidelines

CIP endorses the importance of investing according to the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) guidelines and goes further than strictly following legal frameworks. Together with our management teams, CIP strives to grow in a manner such that a sustainable future is safeguarded for our portfolio companies as well as for CIP. This way of working enforces a positive influence on financial performance and value of our portfolio companies.

CIP acts according to the UN-principles for sustainable investing and has included these in its ESG policy.